Common Weal Community Arts

We all go about our ordinary lives and often fail to notice small details that might open us to moments of wonder, intrigue, and connection. Tiny odds and ends are capable of enormous effect.

— Terri Fidelak —


Common Weal has partnered with the Regina Folk Festival each summer since 2011 to bring participatory, socially-engaged arts to festival audiences.

This year, we elevated the programming by collaborating with professional artist, Terri Fidelak. She sought to instigate opportunities to explore people and place, achieving this through the creation of six unique flags and accompanying photographic prompts. Each flag was hidden at a secret location throughout the festival site. Prompts invited participants to see the event and fellow festival-goers in a new light. The resulting photos, shared via Instagram and Facebook, showcased examples of symmetry and curves found in the natural landscape of Victoria Park, moments of reflection (literal and metaphorical), selfies with new pals, shadows in the dusk of the Mainstage, and more. The result was an audience-generated photographic series highlighting the wonders of the festival community.

Starting Year

  • 2016


  • Terri Fidelak 

Project Location

  • The Regina Folk Festival

# of Participants

  • 39,450

Flags Hidden at the Festival

  • 6

Inches of Waterproof Canvas

  • 300


  • The Regina Folk Festival
photo credit: Terri Fidelak

photo credit: Terri Fidelak


I am an intermedia artist and imaginator based in Regina.

New View was a collaborative effort to guide festivalgoers toward fresh perspectives. I regularly strive to notice the overlooked, both in my life and in my studio practice. I hoped that New View would open a similar window of curiosity for others.

The project had an open structure, inviting participants to interpret the visual cues through their own creative lens. The goal was to create a photographic tapestry of personal expression that could speak to both the individual and communal experiences of the festival weekend. Some vibrant representations of unique experience emerged through the project.

It was a delight to glimpse the visions of all who engaged in the work!