Common Weal Community Arts

Neighbourland is made up of participatory projects that invite people to see their communities differently.

Neighbourland was created by Southern Artistic Director, Gerry Ruecker, in 2013 and has been presented at the Cathedral Village Arts Festival and the North Central Community Culture Days.

Common Weal was pleased to take part in the Heritage Community Association’s Harvest Moon Festival located in Regina’s Maple Leaf Park. The participatory project invites residents to imagine the changes they’d make to their neighbourhoods.

Responses ranged from the fantastic, such as a waterslide transit system, imported butterflies, and community superheros, to serious, such as a strategy to address the rates of missing and murdered indigenous women, commitment to combating racism, and more affordable housing. An overwhelming majority of participants wished for safe bike lanes, and local businesses and initiatives like coffee shops, community gardens, bookstores, youth programs, shared feasts, and music festivals.

The responses were shared with Heritage Community Association staff and board and will inform their initiatives in the coming years.

Starting Year

  • 2013

Project Location

  • Maple Leaf Park, regina

# of Participants

  • 694

Dreams Shared

  • 141

# of Staff Who Joined the Round Dance

  • 2


  • Heritage Community Association
Photo credit: Gerry Ruecker

Photo credit: Gerry Ruecker


The arts are special. They reach people the way lectures, articles, and statistics do not.

One of the most rewarding aspects of working with Common Weal is the people we meet and get to know through the course of our projects. Wonderful people that I wouldn’t normally meet in my daily life, who come from vastly different backgrounds and circumstances than I.